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Shirley Bredal

Shirley Bredal Mushroom Footies Oats

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A delightful pair of footies with hand embroidery, hand-knitted from soft 100% merino wool.

These pair of footies are handcrafted from our soft merino wool and features hand-embroidered elements by our artisan ladies. A little woodland universe in itself, the colorful details add sweet magic to these timeless designs. It is a gender-neutral style that is warm, soft and very well-crafted.
Merino wool fibers are self cleaning and don't need washing often unless there is a stain. Air out your knits regularly to refreshen. Watch our little step-by-step video for easy wash-instructions. Extra tip: invest in an inexpensive peeling comb to remove fluff/peeling once per season. Your knits will last years, when taken good care of.