Our Story

HannaScallop is named using the combination of my daughter’s first name “Johanna” & her nickname “BabyScallop” 

I believe every newborn baby is like the precious pearl to their parents. Parents always try their best to provide the best they can to their babies. 

After becoming a mum, I discover that there a wide range of babies clothings and products supplying in the market. However, the quality of the products actually does an important role in protecting our precious baby. A random use of unqualified products may cause serious allergy or harm to the babies. This is the main reason why HannaScallop exists! 

HannaScallop provides you the good quality yet affordable clothings and products all around the globe for babies. All brands have been carefully and specially selected. Some of them even are the first time arriving in Hong Kong. I also selected some brands which is run by mums who dedicated most of their time and effort on taking care of babies. As we also know, being a mum is undoubtedly not an easy task. Balancing the time of work, family & oneself has always been a challenging issue to all mums. Some of them got frustrated and even found themselves lost after becoming a mum. Mutual support among women, so does support from family definitely means a lot to mums.

Last but not least: 

To all mums, 

Our precious baby grants us power to become a better person. We experience every new step of growth with our babies together. We learn and we grow together. Always believe in yourself and I believe every mum can be Mum-trepreneur! 





每一個孩子,都是父母心中寶貝——嬰兒及兒童用品店Hanna & Scallop 以此為理念,為父母從全球各地悉心搜羅最優質的嬰兒服裝及產品,從兒童服飾、家具用品、玩具,到育兒用品,演釋出北歐簡樸美學,以最天然、最舒適的材質,加上貼心的心思,陪伴孩子成長。