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Ooly Sticker Scenes! - Farmer's Market

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It’s all happening at the farmer’s market, and now your kiddo gets to set the scene for themselves! This super fun activity will have your little one creating sticker scenes with chatty fruit, silly spreads, and feel-good flowers! The set includes over 100 stickers to be used to complete the kit’s 12 scenes!

Who knew cheese could have such charisma? And that veggies were so chatty? And boy, those plants are really happy! It’s such a fun scene at this farmer’s market that we know your lovie will happily spend their time attaching every sticker to every image. This crafty set of sticker scenes includes 12 pictures with ghosted areas for your little kid to attach these durable, easy peel stickers to. Over 100 stickers are included in all! This activity kit will surely excite their imagination! Who knows? Maybe they’ll give voice to the veggies. Create a silly song about spreads! Whatever it is, we’re sure it’ll be quite a scene!

  • Sticker scene set
  • Set includes 12 scenes at the farmers market and over 100 stickers
  • Scenes include ghosted areas to indicate where stickers should go
  • Stickers are meant for one time use
  • Not respositionable
  • 8” x 8”
  • Suitable for ages 3+