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Shirley Bredal

Shirley Bredal Garden Romper: Marshmellow

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An INCREDIBLE hand-crocheted romper, perfect for Summer! It is made from 100 % organic cotton and is soft to the touch, flexible, and comfortable to wear. 

We have fallen absolutely in love with the fantastic veggie embroidery. 

Our sweet garden-inspired hand embroidery is new to this season - this is our new range "The Garden Patch collection".

DREAM romper! This piece is made entirely by hand, and the gorgeous craftsmanship really shows. You will be receiving a true one-of-a-kind romper as no two items are 100 % alike. Children will love to explore the garden veggies and it makes for the sweetest Spring and Summer outfit.

Please notice how the squares in the embroidery resembles patches in your garden - packed with crisp vegetables.

While this collection is made for children, it’s crafted with mamas in mind—each piece is meant to spark storytelling and inspire you to reminiscence on your own special memories of days spent in the garden.


Cotton knits are easy to wash. We always recommend washing hand knits by hand.