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Bow So Cute

Bow So Cute Oversized Topknot

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Our classic topknots are one size, suitable from newborn onwards. They are soft and stretchy, and can be re-tied to fit your child as they grow. 

Classic topknots come pre-tied.

This topknot will fit approximately 0-24 months when adjusted. 

This product should only be used when your child is supervised by an adult, and must be removed whilst unattended or for sleep. This item is not a toy. 

Every item from Bow So Cute is handcrafted with love and care. Please note each piece may sightly vary in size and pattern placement.

We take the greatest of care when making each and every one of our pieces. However, some products contain small embellishments, so little hands should be kept from handling our accessories to minimise the chance of parts coming loose.